The Chemin Neuf Community in Kinshasa

The Chemin Neuf Community in Kinshasa

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We are in the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo at Kinshasa, a city of 8 to 10 million inhabitants. After 30 years of the dictatorship of President Mobutu and 10 years of civil war the population here struggles to survive every day.
This month Net for God takes us into the streets of Kinshasa to meet its children, who rejected by their families live day and night at the roundabout of N'Gaba in the commune of Makala. This struggle against the poverty experienced by the most disadvantaged and the effort to reinsert these children in their families, is one of the missions of the Chemin Neuf Community at Kinshasa. In the area of Righini in the district of Lemba, the Chemin Neuf gathers together men and women, priests, consecrated celibate brothers and sisters and families who have chosen to put themselves at the service of the Church and to follow in the steps of Christ poor and humble.

Ce film est réalisé par la Communauté du Chemin Neuf via le réseau de international prière « Net for God ».

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