The Bare-handed Prosthetists – Raymond and Pierre Jaccard

The Bare-handed Prosthetists – Raymond and Pierre Jaccard

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In today’s film, Net for God is taking you to meet Pierre and Raymond Jaccard, two priests, two most unusual brothers. Since 1967, they have been travelling thousands of kilometres throughout the world helping the poorest of the poor, particularly those with leprosy. Pinning their hopes on God rather than on their own strength in the face of such extreme poverty, they have helped thousands get back onto their feet and given them back their dignity.

Pierre and Raymond Jaccard came from the Diocese of Besançon in France. Missionaries, they began by looking after lepers in Cameroon. They had no medical training but they revolutionised the treatment of leprosy making up cheap modern artificial limbs using local materials and adapting them to fit each patient. This efficient method was soon being used far beyond Africa, not only for lepers but also for those who were crippled in other ways.

The Gospel, with its deep respect for each and every man and woman is at the heart of the Jaccard brothers' mission. Faithfully living out their fellowship and union with Christ in prayer, they try to see each man and woman as God sees them.

And so over thirty years, they put 182 missions in place in thirty four countries of the world, with, as their only baggage, the language of the heart and this intense desire to love and save man at any cost.
After 1978, and for the next 27 years, it was by speaking the same language of the heart that Pierre and Raymond were immersed in the city of Bogota in Colombia, in South America, to help these despised adolescent girls and women of the streets.

Today, they live in retirement, serving a community of contemplative sisters in the South East of France. They are continuing their mission in a different way. They continue to celebrate their Master in the Eucharist, in silence and in meeting those around them. They also take care of other sicknesses both mental and spiritual, hidden leprosies, so that all may know the joy of being a child of God the Father.

This film is made by the Chemin Neuf Community for the International Ecumenical Fraternity, 'Net for God'.

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