Saïd, Fatima and Jesus

Saïd, Fatima and Jesus

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This film is the deeply moving testimony of several people who, each in their own way, work for dialogue in truth, and who go out to meet others who are different from themselves.

1. Saïd and Fatima OUJIBOU

Saïd Oujibou is Moroccan, Berber and Christian. Born in a Muslim family, he is now an itinerant Evangelical Pastor. From the town of Evry in the Paris region, where he lives with his wife, Fatima, and their two children, he criss-crosses France, especially the sensitive suburbs, to announce without respite the experience that he lives for: an encounter with Christ!
It’s through reading the Bible that Saïd found his life “deeply moved by an encounter with the person of Christ”. He had a conversion and, at this occasion, renewed his relationship with his father who, some years later, also had a conversion. Saïd Oujibou took théology studies in Leognan, near Bordeaux in France, at a Bible formation centre of the Assemblies of God. That’s where he met his wife, Fatima, of Algerian origin.
His faith and his Arab Muslim culture pushed him to reach out to others to bear witness that it really is possible to be from the Maghreb and be a Christian: a dual belonging which is a valuable resource to be a ‘peace-passing person’ between communities!
To give his testimony, Saïd has put together a show called ‘Liberty, Equality, and Couscous’. A few clips from his one-man show appear in the film.

2. Meeting someone different: the Jewish-Muslim friendship bus

A daring initiative! Rabbi Michel Serfaty, from Ris Orangis in France, with the cooperation of the Jewish-Muslim friendship group, has organised since June 2005 Jewish-Muslim friendship tours. During five weeks, Jewish and Muslim young people criss-cross over 40 towns and cities in France in the same bus, especially in difficult suburbs!
This initiative takes its roots in the fact that a new wave of anti-semitism is making its way across France and is no longer considered offensive! In October 2003, the Rabbi was the victim of an anti-semite attack in the street in front of his son. Members of his synagogue, especially young people, are regularly insulted, pushed around and spat on by youngsters from the Maghreb, in the neighbourhood of the synagogue. A situation that reinforces Michel Serfaty’s willingness to establish stronger links with Islam!
It’s with Farida Aït Kaci Belazouz, a practising Muslim woman from Algeria, an associate on this project, that Michel Serfaty explains the aim of these tours of friendship – to dare and to open up dialogue between Jews and Muslims, to denounce and help drop the notorious stereotypes on both sides in order to arrive at a better understanding of Jewish and Muslim communities, their way of life, and their concerns.

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