May they all be one – Hautecombe Abbey (Japanese – 日本語)

May they all be one – Hautecombe Abbey (Japanese – 日本語)

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Today with Net for God, we visit the Abbey at Hautecombe in Savoie, in south-east France, to see for ourselves the beauty of God's work over the last 800 years. The Abbey was built on this magnificent site on the shores of Lake Bourget in 1137 by Cistercian monks. In 1922, Benedictine monks took over and then passed the Abbey on to the Chemin Neuf Community in 1992.

The Abbey has remained faithful to its calling as a place for silence and for prayer. Every year it welcomes thousands of people from every country and every Christian denomination. Festivals and retreats for young adults, Cana sessions for couples and families, ecumenical conferences, follow on one after the other over the months creating all sorts of opportunities for those attending to discover the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the year, the Abbey also acts as an International Training Centre. Some 60 or so young people from all five continents and from different churches, gather for three to nine months' biblical, theological and community life training. These courses offer the participants an outstanding training opportunity before they set off on their mission to serve the Church and the world.

Many of the young people in this film tell us about what they experienced during the time they spent at Hautecombe: this "withdrawal" nourished by daily personal prayer and listening to the Word of God, as well as living in community has led them to that essential initial personal encounter with the Risen Christ - that transforming encounter which changes lives, heals, restores and brings peace and deep joy.

Over the years, the Abbey at Hautecombe has become a discipleship school, a place which draws people together and where the all-powerful Love of Christ makes forgiveness possible and the barriers that separate Churches and countries can be brought down.

This film is made by the Chemin Neuf Community for the International Ecumenical Fraternity, 'Net for God'.

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