Love Bridge (English – Anglais)

Love Bridge (English – Anglais)

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The island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is know throughout the world as an outstanding tourist destination. But behind this idyllic setting, there is the hidden reality of growing poverty and a society with very great inequalities. The “Love Bridge” project was launched in 2012 to tackle these challenges.

The originality of Love Bridge is that it brings together two families: a “recipient”, family which is living below the poverty line and an “accompanying” family. Through making the relationship between the families pre-eminent, Love Bridge facilitates the building of bridges between rich and poor, and promotes unity between different sectors of the population of this multicultural country. Here we see an initiative which is encouraging us to construct a more equitable world.

This movie was produced by the Chemin Neuf Community via the international prayer network " Net for God".

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Intercession du mois

Lord we entrust to you all people and all NGOs who, like 'Love Bridge' are committed to reducing poverty and returning human dignity. May your Holy Spirit give them the resources and the strength to carry out this daily struggle. Give us and our leaders a tender and compassionate heart, attentive to the miseries and suffering around us, especially to the poorest. Give us your eyes to see better, your heart to love better and your hands to share even more.

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The word of the month is taken from John's Gospel, chapter 13, verses 34-35:

I give you a new commandment: love one another; you must love one another just as I have loved you. It is by your love for one another that everyone will recognise youas my disciples.”