Haoxin and the Cross From China to the parish of Sophia Antipolis, France (Japanese)

Haoxin and the Cross From China to the parish of Sophia Antipolis, France (Japanese)

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How does God reveal Himself? How can His action be recognised in the hearts of men?How can we share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people of all nations?

This month, the film takes us from China to the Catholic parish of Sophia Antipolis, on the Côte d'Azur, in the south of France. Haoxin's life-changing story and the witness of Father Gilles Sander, who has devoted his life to spreading the Word of God among the Chinese in France, makes us realise what is involved when attempting to share the Gospel in China (there are 1.3 thousand million Chinese).

Haoxin (pronounced Haochine) is a young Chinese from Shanghai who, after an experience of God in the cathedral in his home town, arrived in France wanting to learn about the "God of the Christians". He had never met a Christian before! And it was in Sophia Antipolis that he eventually came to meet God... A meeting which amazed even his fiancée Lili and his parents, who are from a Buddhist background.

Such cases of lives being transformed by Christ are frequent in the parish of Saint Paul des nations in Sophia Antipolis which has been led by the Chemin Neuf Community since 2001. Together, priests, consecrated celibates, and families have chosen to devote themselves to the service of the Church and of their parish, following in the steps of the poor, humble Christ.

Located in a large hi-tech enterprise zone where there are 1300 businesses and where 30 000 people work every day, the Christian Community of the parish of Saint Paul des nations continues to proclaim the Good News that every man and woman, whoever he or she is, can meet Christ!

Several parishioners in the hi-tech zone agreed to tell us about their personal encounter with Christ, about how this meeting had transformed their family life, their professional life, their relationships ... Their faith challenges us to let Christ renew our minds and human wisdom, and to welcome Him unreservedly in the day-to-day reality of our lives!

Ce film est réalisé par la Communauté du Chemin Neuf via le réseau international de prière « Net for God ».

Pour plus d'informations : www.netforgod.tv
Pour nous contacter : netforgod@chemin-neuf.org

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