A man after God’s own heart VO with subtitles

A man after God’s own heart VO with subtitles

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A feature of today's men is that they find it difficult to find their way in a society which is constantly changing. There is a huge temptation to dominate, to fend for themselves, or to flee their responsibilities and never grow up. This film is a reflection on masculinity today. The Catholic movement ‘KingsMen’ and the Protestant-Evangelical Movement the ‘4th Musketeer’ (both founded in the Netherlands) allow men to face the question of their identity through undertaking physical challenges in the mountains. These physical expeditions also take them on a spiritual journey: the descent from their head to their heart. Away from their day to day life, spending time with other men, they are able to approach the foot of the Cross confidently and lay down their struggles, addictions or doubts.
In this film we will hear testimonies of men - and their wives - who tell of how their lives changed after returning from these sessions.

This film is made by the Chemin Neuf Community for the International Ecumenical Fraternity, 'Net for God'.

For more information: www.netforgod.tv
To contact us: netforgod@chemin-neuf.org
To help us: https://www.tipeee.com/net-for-god-fr

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